• Eggsistentialism

    Fri 28th July


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Eggsistentialism is presented by Backstage Theatre in support of
Cruthú Arts Festival

“I read somewhere that 10,000 of a woman’s eggs die a day.
I’ll be lucky if I have enough left to make an omelette!”

Funny, tender, moving. Looking down a barrel of her final fertilie
years, one modern woman goes on a comical madcap quest to
uncover the ifs, hows and crucially the whys of reproducing her genes.
Thinking outside the box in an effort to decide what to do with her
own, eh, box, no stone is left unturned in this journey of extreme
as she tries to figure out…Should making a life for oneself involve
making another?

Cruthú Arts Festival takes place in Longford town from Thursday,
July 27th, to Sunday, July 30th, and the programme features an
exciting mix of visual art, street art, music, theatre, and literary

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