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The state of the art auditorium accommodates 214 persons (including disabled access for 6). Its lavishly appointed interior features plush pullman seating, deep carpets, warm wall colours, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems which ensure the utmost in audience comfort.


Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width, column to column 12.50m
  • Overall stage width 15.55m
  • Depth from back wall to stage edge 7.63m
  • Height from stage to lighting bars 5.17m

Stage Fittings

  • Full House Curtains – Red on manual track
  • Masking – Black with dim out backing. Four sets of legs and borders
  • Cyclorama – Full fill black plus full fill white


Prop store and workroom 4.8m x 10.976


  • Backstage theatre
  • Auditorium
  • Auditorium
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