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Donlon Dance Collective – Double Bill

September 7, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
€16 - €18
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Last Life Boat & Heroes

double bill of works by Marguerite Donlon
presented by Donlon Dance Collective

Fri 7th & Sat 8th Sept 8pm €18/€16

We are honoured to have the world renowned Marguerite Donlon return to Backstage first showing of her work in-progress based
on her great aunt’s first-hand account of being the last survivor saved off the Titanic.

The Longford native, an innovative, contemporary choreographer based in Berlin, will introduce her new formed company
DDC Donlon Dance Collective, a pool of highly skilled dancers and artists with a double bill of work in Backstage

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Solo “work in progress”

“Last Life Boat”

The story of Marguerite’s Great Aunt, Kate Gilnagh
Choreography and Concept : Marguerite Donlon

Dancer: Claudia Ortiz Arraiza

Music composition: Dirk Haubrich

“This is the story of my Grand Aunt Katherine Gilnagh who at the age of 16 survived the Titanic. She was the last passenger
on the last life boat. The excerpt we will show is a solo created to the voice of my Grand Aunt at the age of 60 explaining how it
was for her…. in fact she had no idea what was happening until the life boat was some distance away, it was then she heard
explosions and saw the ship sink rapidly… it became very clear this was not how it was meant to be.

The internationally acclaimed composer Dirk Haubrich has created an electronic music score to accompany an interview my
grand Aunt Katherine Gillnagh gave at the age of 60, recalling the night in question.” Marguerite Donlon



Music by David Bowie
Inspired by David Bowie
Choreography and stage; Marguerite Donlon

“I grew up listening and living in the spectacular world David Bowie created through his words, music and fashion.  It was
inevitable that one day I would collaborate with it and create something of my own.” Marguerite Donlon

In Heroes we are invited into with private world of four men and one woman where we are privy to 5 true and compelling
stories which make you laugh, cry and ultimately move you.

Each one of them shares a “journey” confronted by various obstacles; from the pressure of conformity, to simply failing and
trying again, but their determination to fulfil their dream is stronger than anything else and brings them together into a world
surrounded by the “sound and vision” of Bowies music.

Bowie was an artist who broke rules and stepped over boundaries to create something new and exciting and  his timeless
music seemed the perfect choice to accompany these 5 artists who dare to tell their truth.

Through their headphones the dancers drift in and out of their worlds which are mixed between real sincerity and extravagant

The piece is funny yet thought provoking and brutally honest.

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Date: September 7, 2018
Time: 8:00 pm
Cost: €16 - €18